Are Escort Services Legal In Las Vegas

When it comes to the definition of the escort, this is the person who is held out at the public and she is available to be hired. She offers some monetary consideration in order to accompany, to consult a person to a social affair, amusement places and entertainment or other public resort. It can also be in private quarters.

As it happens with other services in the city, the escort service is regulated. The escort services are also called the call girl company. They are required in order to have a business license and every escort should get the Sheriff’s card called Work Card.

The escort service company, needs to have a fixed business location, should pay the license fee and should provide every client the written contract where there is the statement of

  • The type of the services that have to be done
  • How long the services have to be performed
  • The amount of the money service will cost
  • The special conditions and terms that relate to such services

When you are in Nevada, then it is legal hiring the Las Vegas escorts in order to accompany the woman or the man to the social functions like the cocktail party or the business dinner. However, paying to get sexual relations or sex, it is viewed as illegal.

Escort service and prostitution

When the client mention sex word, then the client is already crossing such fine line, which exist between hiring the prostitute or the escort and whatever happens after this, it will be illegal.

Hiring the prostitute is not legal in Las Vegas and also in Clark County. A contract which the client signs with an escort service company has to clarify this.

When you look at taxi advertisement, billboards, hand flyers and magazine available in Las Vegas, then you may think that prostitution is something legal in the city. However, this is wrong. If you find yourself facing the charges of prostitution or solicitation, then you have to hire a lawyer with experience in handling such charges.

When you text an escort, then this is not something illegal. However, soliciting the escort to get sex, even if you may be using text message, then it is going to be illegal. The SMS and texts, they may be used like evidence and they are allowed in the court.

When you are found out guilty with prostitution, then you can be charged with the misdemeanor and you can be punished to spend 6 months in the jail or you can get the fine of around 1,000 dollars. If the minor was involved, then the charge will be a felony and you may be punished by some years in the prison.

However, in the State of Nevada, prostitution is allowed and it should take place in the regulated brothels in isolated place far from the population. However, prostitution is not legal in some counties like Clark where Las Vegas is found, in Lincoln, Douglas and Washoe, which contain Reno. Even if you may find legal options, most people engage in illegal prostitution in Las Vegas and Reno.

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